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Klaviyo E-Mails we would recommend you to send & when!

Luca Röhrborn

August 20, 2021

Download all Klaviyo Templates here!

During the whole process of reaching out to customesr as well as him/her creating and sharing a story we send various e-mails.

All the E-Mails we send:

  • Activated Story Creation (When somebody did activate the Cashback on the Thank-You-Page)
  • Story Offer (Approximately the date the purchase arrives)
  • Reminder E-Mail (4 days after the Story Offer e-mail / Same e-mail as story offer )
  • Recovery (When our System detects that somebody might have forgotten to submit their Story)
  • Story Published & verified (When Story is successfully published and verified)
  • Rewards sent (When Story expired by itself and the Cashback / Discount Code is sent)
  • Failure (When something did not work - typically story-identification)

Mails we would recommend you to send & when:

  • Activated Story Creation (In Case customers are able to activate the Story Creation) → ba_status “active” and “Order not fulfilled”
  • Story Offer → ba_status “active” and “Order fulfilled”
  • Reminder E-Mail → 4 days after Story Offer
  • Published → ba_status “published”
  • Rewards sent → ba_status “expired”
  • Failure → ba_status “expired”

Here you can download the German Klaviyo Templates for the e-mails we recommend.

Here you can find out more about importing Klaviyo Templates!