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How to create Klaviyo Flows for BrandAdvocate

Luca Röhrborn

August 20, 2021

Creating a Flow for BrandAdvocate in Klaviyo is easier than making a coffee!

List of Properties BrandAdvocate uses in Klaviyo

"ba_..." in this case stands for "BrandAdocate" 😉


Link to your sample Story. You can chnage this in the BrandAdvocate Dashboard.


Link that takes the customer to their personal Story Creation Process, where the Instagram Story is then created and submitted. Every customer needs to go through this process to create an Instagram Story! It is important to note that this data field can only be created once the order has been executed. It is not possible to create an Instagram Story earlier.


Type of incentive (cashback or discount).


The reward your customer receives for an Instagram Story.
Cashback -> 4€ (currency is given appropriately)
Discount -> 10%


This data type is always updated depending on the stage your customer is in.


active -> Send email for story creation (Offer the Cashback / Discount for a Story in return)

published -> Customer has published a story (Send published E-Mail to keep your customer updated)

expired -> Story was successful and expired by itself (Send final E-Mail with Discount Code or Cashback)

failure -> There was an error in the process

When a story has been published:


Your client's Instagram account name.


Number of followers your client has.


The Instagram Story created by your client.

All of this data is overwritten when a customer creates another Instagram Story for their next order.

Triggers in Klaviyo


When Cashback is activated


When Instagram Story is published


When Instagram Story expired


When something did not work

How to implement Klaviyo into your existing Klaviyo Flow

When customers are able to activate the Cashback on the Thank-You-Page it’s necessary to send them an e-mail right after the purchase was made.

To do this we recommend creating a simple Flow that sends an e-mail when ba_active is triggered and fulfillment equals unfulfilled. Another option is to insert this note into one of your existing e-mails. Just keep in mind that the customer needs a couple of minutes to active the Cashback on the Thank-You Page.

General Klaviyo Flow:

1. Decide when and who you want to send the Cashback offer.

Example: One of your clients sends the Cashback offer to all those who gave a 10 or 9 out of 10 stars ranking. The e-mail is sent after the purchase arrived.

2. Create a new Flow or insert it into existing Klaviyo Flows.

Here you can see how to send the general Cashback-offer. Everyone who is supposed to make a Story needs to get this e-mail. This e-mail should explain how to create an Instagram Story and link to the Story-Creation-Process. E-Mail Templates you can find here.

3. Create a Story-Published Flow

Create a new Flow and Call it “Instagram Story Published (Brandadvocate)”.

Step 1: Start with the Trigger
Metric > ba_published

Step 2: Add the first E-Mail

Subject: “We just verified your Instagram Story! 🥳”

Step 3: Add a Time Delay of 24 hours

That’s the time a Story is live. After 24 hours the Story expired.

Step 4: Add a Conditional Split

ba_status equals expired

Yes → Step 5

No → Exit

Step 5: Add Rewards-sent E-Mail

E-Mail that notifies the customer that the reward is comming.
Subject: “Your reward is coming! 🥳”

Instagram Story Published Flow

Flow for Errors

Sometimes errors occur during the Story verification. We want your customers to be notified about whatever happens. Therefore we recommend to send Failure E-mails. Those can be started with the Trigger ba_failure.

The goal is to find a solution for the specific problem so your customer is able to share an Instagram Story.

Create a new Flow "Failure E-Mails (BrandAdvocate)".

Start with the Trigger:
Metric > ba_failure

Add the first E-Mail

Subject: “Something did not work!”

Here you can read which E-Mails we recommend to send! + Klaviyo templates for download!

Hey ✌️ always keep in mind that you can contact us at any time. Our team is always happy to assist you in any case!