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How to connect BrandAdvocate with Klaviyo

Luca Röhrborn

August 20, 2021

Unleash the full potential of BrandAdvocate with your Klaviyo connection. Thanks to this, you can not only send all emails for story creation yourself, but you can also create all emails in your design as well as your linguistic and stylistic preferences. By the way, you also collect valuable data about your customers. Every Instagram account name entered with us can now be assigned to an order and an email - all within Klaviyo. In addition, the number of followers is also saved. So you could, for example, send all your customers with over 5000 followers a separate email with an affiliate offer. This is just one of many possible ideas!

Let's get to the point.

How do I link Klaviyo to the BrandAdvocate app?

1. Get your Public API Key

Nothing easier than that! We just need your API Key to add the required data to your account.

Open your Klaviyo account > Account > Settings > API Key

We need your "Public API Key" for the connection.

Click on your "Account Name" as well as "Account".

Click "Settings" and "API Keys".

Kopie the Public API Key

2. Insert the code in the BrandAdvocate App

The API Key must now be entered into the designated field in the BrandAdvocate Dashboard.

Attention. As soon as you enter and save this API Key, we will no longer send any emails for you. You should therefore create all the e-mails beforehand so that everything works smoothly afterwards.

Here you can find out which emails you should send to your customers. Read Now!

3. Automated Testdata inserted

As soon as the connection is established we are pushing test data into your Klaviyo account. That’s necessary to set all the triggers and Data properties. For you, it is the easiest way to build a new Flow.

Simply Search for a profile with “ba_test”.

How does the Klaviyo-Connection actually work?

With the Private API Key we have the possibility to add data to your Klavyio account. This means that your existing data is absolutely safe. We can't see any of your data in Klaviyo.  

Here you can find out more about creating a Klaviyo Flow for BrandAdvocate.

Here you can read about Klaviyo Properties, Triggers and how to implement BrandAdvocate into your Klaviyo Flows!

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Hey ✌️ always keep in mind that you can contact us at any time. Our team is always happy to assist you in any case!