Open Startup Report

#005 December 2021 // Open-Startup-Report

Luca Röhrborn

August 19, 2021


December has been a hard one for us. It’s for sure nothing easy to build a Saas Product. What we learned is that we concentrated too much on thinking and building solutions instead of identifying a problem. We need to shift our minds to become obsessed with the problems of our customers.

Key Learning: Build a solution for a problem, not a problem for a solution!

It’s for sure that a lot is going to change within the next months. We feel truly honored about every e-commerce brand we are allowed to work with!

BrandAdvocate in Numbers -  December

  • 💸 MRR (Monthly-Recurring-Revenue): 166.05$ (-33%)
  • 👩 Active Merchants: 167(-3)
  • 👀 Visitors Website + Shopify App Store Page: 154 (-21%) 370 (-11,7%)
  • 📱 Generated Instagram Stories: 106 (-20%)
  • 👥 Gathered Instagram Accounts:  210 (-4,6%)
  • 💳 Expenses:  570,88$
  • 🧾 Profits/Losses: -404,83$

Feature Releases -  December

December has been a silent one. (Discount codes are coming!)

👩 Customers (Installs / Uninstalls)

💸 MRR (Monthly-Recurring-Revenue)

We had total revenue of 166.05$. Unfortunately, less than the month before. The reason is that we still need to work on our app. So far installs we made together with the e-commerce brands are running successfully. Those without us run less well therefore customers cancel or delete our Shopify App.

💳 Costs

  • 23,75$ (20.11€) Accounting-Software
  • 9,39$ (7,95€) E-Mail Provider (Mailjet)
  • 7$ Docker Hub
  • 19,58$ (16,80€) Microsoft Teams
  • 20,98$ (18,13€) Server
  • 15$ Atlassian Products
  • 9$ Gebühren Testshop
  • 466,18$ (400€)necessary payouts

Total = 570,88$

What else happened in  December!?

In  December we heavily concentrated on our backend structure to accelerate development for upcoming features just as in October. Stay tuned to see what we are up to. Our goal is to turn your customers into your No. 1 Sales Channel!