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#002 September 2021 // Open-Startup-Report

Luca Röhrborn

August 20, 2021


This month we were able to increase our revenue by 67% to 128,90$ in total. Nevertheless, we are still not profitable. The reason is that we just started to pay out some money to members of our team.

This month, we are proud of your increase in generated Shopify Stories and our newest features.

BrandAdvocate in Numbers - September

  • 💸 MRR (Monthly-Recurring-Revenue): 128,90$ (+67%)
  • 👩 Active Merchants: 125 (-3)
  • 👀 Visitors Website + Shopify App Store Page: 212 (-48%) 412 (-13%)
  • 📱 Generated Instagram Stories: 85 (+89%)
  • 💳 Expenses: 558,50$
  • 🧾 Profits/Losses: -429,60$

Feature Releases - September

  • Instagram Story View Calculation & reorganized Dashboard (CPM Calculations)
Estimated Story Views & CPM
  • Instagram Account Analytics

Shop Merchants in the Pro Plan will now be able to gather Instagram Handel's and Profile Data of their customers alongside generating Instagram Stories. Every entered Instagram Handle can be matched with a customer in Shopify. Soon, the Instagram Handle and Profile Data can be pushed into Shopify and Klaviyo.

  • Social Proof in the Story Creation Flow
  • Four of the most recent Instagram Stories are displayed in the Story-Creation Flow to increase Social Proof

👩 Customers (Installs / Uninstalls)

We currently have 125 installs what makes a decrease of 2 customers. At this point, it is important to notice that we had zero marketing activities this month due to vacation. This lack of Marketing activities will be visible in the numbers of next month.

This month we had 13 fewer installations while there were 2 more uninstalls. Overall, we have a negative customer increase of -2 shop merchants.

💸 MRR (Monthly-Recurring-Revenue)

We had total revenue of 128,90$.

💳 Costs

  • 23,75$ (20.11€) Accounting-Software
  • 9,39$ (7,95€) E-Mail Provider (Mailjet)
  • 7$ Docker Hub
  • 19,58$ (16,80€) Microsoft Teams
  • 17,60$ (15,10€) Server
  • 15$ Atlassian Products
  • 466,18$ (400€)necessary payouts

Total = 558,50$

Even though we were able to increase our earnings by 67% we are having a loss of -429,6$.

What else happened in September!?

As earlier described, we decided to pay out some money to our team members. Everybody needs to have something to live of.

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