"We used BrandAdvocate right from the beginning and were super happy with it every since. Luca and his Team were always up for customer feedback and are determined to get the best experience out of their app - for both shop owners and customers. Highly recommended!"

Julian Steckbauer(CEO & Founder)

"Excellent Support & Easy installation. Many thanks to the team for this fantastic app. Our customers are loving it."

Santos Thiru (CEO)

our Workflow

How it works!

Incentives your customers to create an Instagram Story.
Your customers create authentic Instagram Stories in our Story-Creation-Flow.
Get mentioned in beautiful Instagram Stories of happy customers!

We are heavily focusing on simplicity and functionality. Therefore you will find a simple and sleek App Dashboard with everything you need to know in one place. Take a look at your latest Instagram Shoutouts or check how much you spent on cashbacks. Additional features are coming soon!

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Collect your customers Instagram Accounts to identify hidden Micro Influencers. Build an Army of Promoters for your brand to push your next product launch, sale or event.

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We as shop owners know how important the own brand communication is. Therefore you are able to customise all the texts in the store extension, pop-up or e-mail.

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Pricing Plans

Choose the right plan for your Online Store!


15 monthly Instagram Stories

Default extension for Product & Thank-you-page
Default E-Mail Templates
Without customization
only EN/DE
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Save 20%

unlimited monthly Instagram Stories

All Basic features
100% Customisable texts in extension
Design & Upload your own E-Mail Templates
All languages
Without branding
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unlimited monthly Instagram Stories

Additional Features
For Shopify PLUS
Onboarding call
Premium Support
Premium Suppo
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About us

Luca Röhrborn

Chief Cheerleader

Luca adjusts the sails to the wind for maximum speed!

Elias Blume

Chief Geek

Elias always fixes  the bugs others build in and those you found!

Florenz Schäfer

Software Ninjaneer

Florenz is one of those man who keep coding in a text editor when a new feature must be released and the laptop shut down.

Albert Wellerdt


Albert is our Techradar. In case their is anything new on the market - he knows first!


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